Problem contest rules



  1. The contest is open to all female undergraduate and graduate students at Texas State.
  2. Solutions must be submitted in teams of 2 or 3 students.
  3. A team can have at most one graduate student.
  4. A student can be a member of at most one team.
  5. Not following the instructions above will disqualify teams.


  1. Solutions must be submitted online using the provided form. No other form of submission is valid.
  2. Solutions submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed.
  3. Changes on a submitted entry are not allowed after the submission deadline.
  4. However, before the submission deadline entries can be changed by submitting the new entry as a new submission. In this case, the last submission received will be the one that enters the contests. No exceptions.
  5. pdf is the only acceptable format.
  6. Submission must be done by email to by one, and only one, member of the team. The email must include:
    1. the address of all the members of the team in the “cc:” field.
    2. “Submission WDM problem contest” as the “Subject:”
    3. The solution to the challenge in a .pdf file (no other format) attachment.
  7. Not following the instructions above will disqualify entries.


  1. Plagiarism or cheating will disqualify all the members of a team from receiving any recognition and will also prevent them from participating in any of the contests that are part of this program.
  2. Solutions must be clearly written. If the review panel considers a solution not to be sufficiently clear, it will be disqualified. No explanations.
  3. Solutions will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of Faculty members of the Department of Mathematics and their decision is final. No appeals.
  4. Certificates will be issued to each student in a team that submitted a correct solution. Special prizes will be given to the top solutions according to the review panel. Those prizes will be announced with each contest.
  5. To assure equal treatment to all students when judging contest entries, the solution of a problem must not contain any element that could permit the identification of any of the team members.
  6. Not following the instructions above will disqualify entries.


  1. The review panel might change from one contest to another.
  2. The review panel will first judge solutions according to their correctness. The correct solutions, will be then judged based on the quality of the answer to determine the prize winners.
  3. The members of the review panel will judge solutions blindly (i.e. they will not see the name of the students submitting a solution).


  1. All students submitting a correct entry will receive a certificate.
  2. The names of all students who submit a correct entry will be posted in the WDM website.
  3. The winners must be present at the award ceremony to receive their prize.
  4. Prizes will be announced with each problem announcement.
  5. Students who receive a certificate of recognition for all challenges will be invited to a banquet with the Department female faculty at the end of the academic year.


In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Program Director reserves her right to change the rules over the course of the academic year. Changes will be announced in this page.