Women Doing Math

WDM will return on the academic year 2018-19!

Thanks to the support from the Mathematical Association of America – Tensor Program for Women and Mathematics, the Department of Mathematics and the College of Science and Engineering at Texas State University.

Thanks to the following speakers for their excellent talks delivered for WDM during the academic years 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Monica Farkash   Irene Gamba   Ellen Gethner
Monica Farkash              Irene Gamba                     Ellen Gethner

Raegan Higgins   Leslie Hogben   Lili Qiu
Raegan Higgins                Leslie Hogben                 Lili Qiu

Linda Lesniak Nov 2016   Ivelisse-Rubio   Violeta Vasilevska
Linda Lesniak                   Ivelisse Rubio                   Violeta Vasilevska