Monica Farkash – Engineers have problems too

Speaker: Monika Farkash

Affiliation: NXP Semiconductors – Austin

Title: Engineers have problems too.


This informal presentation will try to take you on a quick ride through different problems faced while working on hardware development.  The 6 to 7 problems picked for this presentation just showcase challenges that would benefit from your talent. Some of them already take advantage of solutions provided by other (famous) mathematicians.

The problems will be quickly sketched, without going into engineering (or Math) details. The presentation is intended to give you a broader view rather than a deep dive. The goal is to introduce a new world of problems to you and to help you discover if you would enjoy working on this type of (more practical) challenges. The subjects will touch areas like logic, SAT solvers, constraints, linear equations, randomness and distributions, data mining, etc.

The presenter will use this opportunity to share with you her personal experience as a woman with a Ph.D. in computer architecture working in this field.

Date: November 10, 2016

Time: 11am -12.00 noon

Place: ELA 312

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