About the program

Women Doing Math (WDM) is a program at the Department of Mathematics, at Texas State University, started in the Fall 2016 semester with the support of the Tensor Program for Women and Mathematics of the Mathematical Association of America.

WDM aims to promote career opportunities in mathematics and to encourage female students to benefit from them. With the exception of mentoring meals, all events in this program welcome everyone who loves Mathematics, regardless of gender.

Each academic year, WDM focuses on the work of a group of 5 prominent women doing mathematics, either in academia or in industry. The work and career of each of these mathematicians are featured for about a month, with activities aimed at engaging students in her area of research, creating awareness of her contribution, and sparking interest in her career. The month will conclude with a one-day visit to campus from the featured woman.

During the campus visit, each of the mathematicians will participate at a reception during which students will have the opportunity to get to know with the speaker. The visits will also include research seminars and the opportunity for students majoring in Math, to dine with the speaker.


The Mathematical Association of America through their Tensor Program for Women and Mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics at Texas State University.

Contact email:      WomenDoingMath@txstate.edu